Community Education Council 
District 14 
(CEC) members are representatives of the parents
 and community-at-large. 
We live or work in the community, and send 
our children to the local schools.  

Our role is to reflect the needs and wishes of the community 
regarding the education of children. 

Community Education Council members are consulted 
on many important matters, and in turn, must consult with parents. Our meetings are open to the public,
 and provide an opportunity for the community 
to be heard on educational issues. 

When to attend a CEC 14 meeting?
 Every 2nd Thursday of the month.

For more information, please contact the District office  and speak to
 the Administrative Assistant, Sabine Barosy
 (718) 302-7624 

Office Location: 215 Heyward Street, 
Room 238
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11206 

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Community Education Council
District 14
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