CEC 14 Business / Calendar Meeting are held every
 2nd Thursdays of the month  
Juan Morel Campos Secondary School 
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: 215 Heyward Street (room 238)
*****Please use the following entrance*****
                         ""266 Rutledge Street""   
JULY 11                               Thursday                 CEC Business/Calendar Meeting
AUGUST                                  Thursday                 TBD

SEPTEMBER  11                   Wednesday                CEC Calendar Meeting

                         23                  Thursday                  CEC Business Meeting

OCTOBER                              Thursday                 CEC Business/ Calendar Meeting 

NOVEMBER                           Thursday                 CEC Business / Calendar Meeting

DECEMBER                           Thursday                 CEC Business / Calendar Meeting

JANUARY                              Thursday                 CEC Business / Calendar Meeting

FEBRUARY                           Thursday                 CEC Business / Calendar Meeting

MARCH                                 Thursday                 CEC Business / Calendar Meeting

APRIL                                    Thursday                 CEC Business / Calendar Meeting 

MAY                                       Thursday                CEC Business / Calendar Meeting

JUNE                                     Thursday                CEC Business / Calendar Meeting
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   2019 - 2020 Calendar
Community Education Council
District 14

Community Education Council 
District 14


Date: 9/23/2019
Time:  6:00pm

  Location : Library
IS 71, Juan Morel Campos
Secondary School
266 Rutledge Street
Brooklyn NY 11206
Bring Your Daddy to School Day
at PS 257