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AUG 13
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CEC Minutes
7/2019 - 6/2020
November 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

A message to our D14 family,

The community education council of district 14 takes immense pride in representing the students and families who trust our schools to educate and care for them. For this reason, we were one of the first lines of defense upon receiving official notice of school closures in response to the covid 19 health crisis.

With the help of parent leaders, our presidents council membership and our PA/ PTA’s we were able to collect and distribute an abundance of information while the district office, our Principals, our CBO’s and our Chancellor worked nonstop to attempt to begin to address the multi layered and systemic issues a citywide school closure would amplify.

We won’t lie, it‘s been rough! Watching the news minute to minute so that we could get our parents updates in real time and trying to keep up with the developing changes to our school communities and neighborhoods as they happened put pressure on each one of us. But as a community we rose to the occasion- communing on social media, via email, on the phone and in person to deliver food and technology, collect supplies and more while advocating for the families that we know make do with less than what they need year round.

As we look ahead to supporting the resource centers opening in the coming weeks and adjusting to remote learning, meetings and more, we just wanted to thank everyone for their love, understanding and collectivism in this trying time.

We look forward to continuing to use this moment in our collective history as an opportunity to make changes in how we treat one another, how we view certain students and their families, and what we could accomplish as an intersectional and empowered collective of community members. The inequity highlighted by current events is something we must remember when the dust settles. What will we do to change the institutions and systems that allowed the disparity gap to widen? What will we do in order to continue the work of bringing each and every family in district 14 into the fold?

Despite uncertain times, we’re excited about the future and confident that our parents, students, staff and small businesses will continue to show up and show out. Rest assured that CEC 14 will be right beside you ️

In solidarity,

CEC 14

Thank you everyone who has joined our successful conference calls so far this week! Please join one later this week if you haven't already - we added a Queens call and parent communication call - see the schedule below. 

Please also lift up these demands from our Bronx working group by signing and sharing this petition, and this petition coming out of our work against displacement on the Lower East Side and Chinatown. We need to be demanding equitable health resources for communities of color during this epidemic.

Also, please: 

Contribute to the MORE survey to gather our stories: COVID-19 DOE Community Survey.
Join the Movement of Rank and File Educators today to build the strong rank and file organizations we need to defend our schools and transform our union.
Our general MORE meeting will be held on Saturday, April 4th at noon. - Please RSVP here to get the video conference link.
Geographic Area Calls 

Lower Manhattan - Wednesday 3/25  5 pm

Queens - Thursday, 3/26 5 pm

Brooklyn - TBA - please reply if you want to help organize
Interest Areas
Solidarity with non-pedagogue school workers (paras, custodial staff, school aides, secretaries, etc.) -

Wednesday, 3/25 5 pm 
Special Education Issues - 

Thursday, 3/26 5 pm
Restorative Justice & Healing Practices During Remote Learning + Beyond -

Friday 3/27 5pm
From coping to connectivity: using Covid19 as an opportunity for schools to address gaps in communication style, language and modalities with students and families' - 

Friday 3/27 - 6pm
Don’t see a topic listed above that should be represented and needs addressing? Fill out this form to connect with ongoing organizing, especially if you can help organize a conference call of folks in your local neighborhood or school community.


Get involved!
 Includes at home resources activities and more.
  * Census info
  * Education tools
  * Mutual aid funds
  * Emergency health info resources for creatives and        small business and more.
7/2019 - 6/2020
The New York City Department of Education 
wants every student who needs a device for remote learning to have one, even if the student does not have internet access at home.  Simply call 718-935-5100
Important NYS COVID19 Numbers/ Emails/ Links

Upcoming  events:


 District 14  Community,

Thank you so much for joining us for the first ever virtual CEC meeting.

It was wonderful to hold space with and for each experience in our schools, from amplifying student voice and parent concerns to hearing from our principals and parent coordinators. 

We know that despite our best efforts, and even with the HERCULEAN creativity and determination shown by our teachers, remote learning will continue to present challenges. 

Your community education council is dedicated to facing these challenges together with honesty, integrity and a people powered and solution oriented approach. As we wait to hear from the DOE with regard to guidance, we know we don’t have to wait to create localized solutions and support. We are grateful to our CBO’s, small businesses, mutual aid organizers and the local elected officials who stand with us.

Attached you’ll find the document referenced in Friday’s meeting created by our own Co President Yuli including financial, food, housing, mental health, language, testing and device info as well as resources for our undocumented and disabled community members, elders, and families dealing with heightened abuse due to shelter in place:

English:  CEC 14 Resource Flyer ENGLISH.pdf
Polish     CEC 14 Resource Flyer POLISH.pdf 
Spanish CEC 14 Resource Flyer SPANISH.pdf
Chinese CEC 14 Resource Flyer CHINESE.pdf 

You can also catch last Friday’s virtual meeting here if you weren’t able to join us:

We can’t wait to see you again on May 14th for our next meeting!
Feel free to keep in touch in between by following our social media:

Wishing you all a safe and blessed week!

In solidarity

Community Education Council District 14

CEC14 Virtual meeting on Thursday
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